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欢迎到天堂! 它清澈湛蓝的海水中拥有各种美味食材,拥有棕榈环绕的细软干净的沙滩、充满活力的夜生活,您还能够品尝各式菜肴 - 您猜对了,这里是普吉岛,您可以在这里大饱口福。 几年来,普吉岛一直处于假日天堂投票的榜首,在最近的一次调查中,普吉岛在一本著名旅游杂志上的读者投票数超过了巴厘岛和宿务岛。 此外这里还有全世界上最好客的人民,难怪游客们会钟爱这里。
安特卫普, 比利时

Tasty in Antwerp: Theatre Area

The Theatre District owes its name to the many theatres here. This is the working habitat of many directors, actors, dancers and musicians: in the pubs you can almost hear the creativity bubbling away. It’s worth a visit during the day, too, because you’ll find many fashion, antique and interior design shops here, as well as two small but beautiful museums: the Maiden’s House Museum and the Museum Mayer van den Bergh.
安特卫普, 比利时

Tasty in Antwerp: St. Andrew's

St. Andrew's was once known as ‘the Parish of Hardship’, but those days are long since passed. The Fashion Museum is the public face of the neighbourhood, and in the Nationalestraat and Kammenstraat area vintage clothing and haute couture go hand in hand. There’s always something going on in this district. And don’t miss Kloosterstraat, with its shops full of antique treasures and bric-a-brac.


澳大利亚最古老的葡萄酒产区是一个美丽绝伦的地方。 从美酒佳肴到优雅的住宿环境,再到各种精彩绝伦的活动,猎人谷 (Hunter Valley) 度假胜地将让您品味美好的生活。 澳大利亚最热门的葡萄酒产区是 150 家顶级酒庄、葡萄园和酒窖的所在地。 无论您是打算品尝葡萄酒,在猎人谷的某个日间水疗中心中尽情享受一下,还是在锦标赛高尔夫球场上挥杆开球,您都将受到猎人谷热情的乡村式的欢迎。
安特卫普, 比利时

Tasty in Antwerp: Historic centre

The old city centre is steeped in history. You will find it in ancient building-fronts on narrow streets or in the imposing Grand-Place. The Plantin-Moretus Museum is the only museum in the world to be classified as a Unesco World Heritage site. In the shadow of the Cathedral of Our Lady, the city teems with life in intimate pubs and restaurants. The banks of the Scheldt are a great place for a breath of fresh air.


安特卫普,这座充满朝气的袖珍型大都市,对于不同的人都有着不同的吸引之处。 令人印象深刻的建筑,壮观的博物馆以及教堂,使得安特卫普成为了可以启发灵感的文化源泉。闻名世界的安特卫普设计师们以其时尚创作满足、宠爱着购物爱好者们。美食爱好者和热爱生活的人们穿梭在众多舒适惬意的酒吧和餐馆之间享受着生活。在安特卫普,绝对吸引人因而绝对不可错过的景点有:MAS博物馆,举世闻名的圣母大教堂,以及安特卫普著名大使鲁本斯的故居。